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Tristan Schane

Wolfgang Grasse


Jørgen Elbang

Dan Ouellette

Lee-Anne Raymond

Robert Morris

Nelly Chichlakova

Humanist Transhumanist publication of the art of Demetrios Vakras & Lee-Anne Raymond

established surrealists / artists of fantastic reali
established surrealists / artists of fantastic realism
Links below are to online references and to books (my recommendations available on Amazon - except for Dalí & Giger, on whom very many books exist, or Toyen on whom I have no books).

René Magritte
Magritte book

Salvador Dalí

Yves Tanguy
Tanguy book

Max Ernst
Ernst book

Remidios Varo
Varo book 1
Varo book 2


Ernst Fuchs
Fuchs book

Vali Myers
Myers book

H. R. Giger

The Symbolists were the precursors to the surrealists:
must have] Symbolists & Symbolism by Robert L. Delevoy
Concise enyclopaedia of Symbolism Jean Cassou
A Dictionary of Surrealism José Pierre
Surrealists & Surrealism Gaëtan Picon
Phaidon encyclopedia of surrealism René Passeron
SURREALISM Uwe M. Schneede


* Les Barany Books

"Carnivora": The book by Les Barany is available on Amazon.
Carnivora features, not only 2 Vakras paintings, but also works by Giger, Sibylle Rupert, Beksinski and many others.

vakras site in the greek language

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